Charlie Fewell
Charlie Fewell
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Seminars and Workshops

"Wow—what a great presentation... I hope I will get to hear Charlie speak again... He has got a great message."
Lynn McDonald, LUTCF
Troy McDonald Insurance
Memphis, TN
Seminars and Workshops:
When Charlie Fewell conducts a seminar or training workshop for your group, he connects with your people in a way that rallies the entire workforce and creates buy-in for the common objectives of the management team. He works with your leadership group to identify the issues in your company that require realignment. He asks a lot of questions. When it's time for the presentation he is completely up to speed on the make or break issues that are obstructing excellent performance in your organization.
He has always found success in making a personal connection with his audience because of his experience, his understanding, and his charisma. Charlie delivers seminars that get your people thinking about their role in your organization, and what they can bring to the team. He has been noted for his innate ability to uncover the latent talent inside your people.
Charlie's seminars and workshops address the following issues:

  • Developing transformational leaders and managers
  • Your financial position and how to improvement it
  • Building better and stronger teams
  • Job descriptions and employee evaluation processes
  • Developing a company mission and vision
  • Crafting a business plan
  • Starting a customer service mentality
  • Creating a company operations manual
  • Designing a continuous improvement feedback system
  • Communication and relationship building—internal and external
  • Your company image: how to build and develop it
  • Developing a successful and sustainable financial model

"I was immediately captivated by his enthusiasm, energy and expertise. I walked away from that training with information and ideas that I was able to implement immediately and brought me real, measurable results in my company. Charlie Fewell is changing the way I do business by helping me do business better."
Tammy Gunnels
Ladies Who Launch
Memphis, TN
Some people have a special energy that enables them to inspire others and motivate them to take action. Charlie Fewell has this quality. If your sales meeting or management retreat program requires a rousing opening or thought provoking closing, Charlie can deliver the message and unify your employees in furtherance of a common theme or mission. He has delivered keynotes for national and international trade groups and for internal meetings for Fortune 100 and 500 organizations.
Charlie specializes in helping your team to tune into their motivations and aspirations, and channel these into areas where they can fulfill these ambitions within your organization.
Benefit from Charlie's passion and energy in these areas:
Business infrastructure: "Prepare for Results"
This keynote stresses the importance of thorough preparation and planning in business, from developing a sound business plan to conducting diligent market research and competitor analysis. It is ideal for franchisees, entrepreneurs, and small-business owners.
Value-based relationships: "It's Good to Talk"
Looking at relationship development inside and outside the organization, this keynote explores how lifetime customer relationships can be built by developing relationship-building skills and behaviors within your team. This presentation has worked especially well with managers, franchisees, and those for whom interaction with team members and customers is an integral part of their daily work.
Personal development: "Walk the Walk"
This keynote presentation defines the five stepping stones to success in realizing your business and personal potential: Define your values, become a brilliant communicator, connect with others, see life as a learning process, and have a clear focus on results. This inspiring and thought provoking address can be as useful for the entrepreneur as it is for sales professionals and senior executives.
Leadership: "Lead to Succeed"
This keynote looks at how you can provide the kind of motivation and inspiration to transform people from disengaged employees into energized, engaged, and committed team members. The focus here is on how you can shape your own behavior in order to unleash the talent of others and get the most from your entire team.
Sales: "The Sale Flows Through the Team"
In this presentation, Charlie emphasizes the importance of developing a unity of purpose within your organization towards your customer service. By encouraging the individuals who are the face of your organization to espouse your core values and present the best possible image at all times, your sales professionals and your entire organization can consistently reap the benefits of return and referral customers.
"Charlie Fewell as a speaker is phenomenal, practical, humorous, and high energy."
Doug Honea
Honea's Automotive, Inc.
"Charlie is a very energetic speaker... He knows his stuff and keeps the listeners interested."
Leisa Beach
CLE / Sections Director
Memphis Bar Association
To book Charlie for a dynamic and inspirational presentation click here or call 662-895-1171 now.

Charlie Fewell

Charlie Fewell
Charlie Fewell
Charlie Fewell

Charlie Fewell
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